Field Ready

Field Ready’s vision is guided by a radical transformation in the way that needs are met in domestic disasters, developing countries and other low resource areas. Their approach embraces a respect for others, an openness to learning and experimentation and a readiness to work with a broad range of stakeholders. See for more information. 

Field Ready formulates it's contribution to the Global Humanitarian Lab partnership in the following terms:

"Field Ready will collaborate towards the shared goals of the GHL: sharing lessons, evidence and experience from Field Ready innovation initiatives; developing best practice in community empowerment and user-centred design; collaborating on similar projects to avoid duplication of efforts; sharing resources and learnings to address barriers to replication within the humanitarian innovation space. Field Ready will contribute manpower to the core operations of the GHL, bring donors into the network, make in-kind contributions of equipment, and open up access to Field Ready bases in Nepal and Istanbul (and soon also Kenya and Sri Lanka)."