Pangloss Labs

Pangloss Labs is an open innovation laboratory for Greater Geneva. We are a mix of open source third-space, collective research space, ecological Fablab and support structure for entrepreneurship. We share a multidisciplinary space with entrepreneurs, associations, self-employed, SMEs, and curious individuals. See for more information. 

Pangloss describes the partnership with the GHL in the following terms:

“Pangloss Labs will happily collaborate with the GHL: as an entrepreneur-founded collaborative innovation lab including an ecological fablab we come across many tools and techniques that can translate well into the humanitarian sphere. As the closest FabLab, we have a growing local community in and around Geneva, as well as a considerable set of FabLab tools, events and trainings (in everything from laser cutting to Design Thinking to 3D product design for manufacture) that can help accelerate the goals of the GHL. With our expertise in open source of all kinds, we can also help with scalability frameworks, and an open entrepreneurial toolkit.”