Terre des hommes

Terre des Hommes’ (TDH) mission is to work for the rights of the child and for equitable development, without racial, religious, political, cultural or gender-based discrimination. To this end, TDH supports and implements development and humanitarian aid projects designed to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged children, and of their families and communities. The Convention on the Rights of the Child is the conceptual framework guiding the activities of TDH. See www.tdh.ch en for more information. 

In its own terms Terre des Hommes describes the Global Humanitarian Lab partnership as follows:

"Bringing experience as an organisation working in both the humanitarian and development spheres, TDH will collaborate towards the shared goals of the GHL: sharing lessons and experience from TDH innovation initiatives; developing best practice in community empowerment, service delivery and information and communication technologies; collaborating on similar projects to avoid duplication of efforts; sharing resources and learnings to address barriers to scale within the humanitarian innovation space."